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Color Bowled

the light seafoamy and that bright are kind of great together with the jewel toned I'm not sure what's up with the dried fruit sitting out in a bowl, but I like the color scheme.

Hoot Designs: Design Seeds - Amazing Color Inspiration

Dark turquoise = bottom cabinets Cool White = top cabinets Red = inside recycled glass counter tops Cream = walls to match eating area Lighter Blue = linens and accents. (I actually love this idea for a kitchen colour scheme! Leave off yellow

flower For inspiration, art, design, color match, color scheme. You can use pallets for inspiration, decor, design.

flower hues - design seeds been looking for a color theme for my bedroom. Think I'd replace the orange and coral with copper.

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Bedroom colors: colors that work. These are the colors that make a room sensual every time. You can use other colors to effect, but these work every ideas design and decoration interior design bedrooms

color teal/aqua  ... luv aquas for clothing and cards ...

Various Turquoise, Teal, Blue, even Green hue tones, & Gray. This color combo is so refreshing. Via: Design Seeds

Here is a fantastic resource to help you find beautiful color palettes for your cake designs, decorated cookies and sugar art.

flora palette - design seeds Colour palette idea as I have a red sofa but blue/green pictures

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There are so many artists/sites that I am inspired by, and I’d like to share them on here from time to time. One that repeatedly leaves me with my jaw agape is Design Seeds. They… Continue Reading