Utforsk disse og flere idéer!

When I'm in an oversized t shirt at the gym, I'm working for me. When I'm jogging with my hair down in a low cut tank? That's for you.
My wife doesn't know that I've found out about her affair with a co-worker. She'll know on Monday when she gets served divorce papers - ATWORK.
I was never popular at school. I got my head down, I'm a CEO, now I'm engaged and my classmates are still debating their thigh gaps.
For anyone lacking sewing skills: | 20 Embarrassing Lifehacks That Are Actually Kind Of Brilliant
I am a 340lb female. I just joined the gym. I don't care what you think. Go ahead, take a picture while I bike and laugh about the "rare sighting" on your fb. But I'm here to stay, learn, & improve.
Guys : *accidentally taps other guy* No homo bro !  Girls: *lifts up shirt in front of other girls* Look how cute my bra is
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I'm not a guy but this is what people need to see, this is 2016, not 1990.