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thiis is horriblee but I'm adding it anywaay

The front bottoms

The front bottoms - Brian I keep telling you. If you want your girlfriend then spend time with her and focus on her. I'm not going to lie and say I don't want you.

Yep. Happy Sunday everyone ❤️

Yep. Happy Sunday everyone ❤️

How To avoid everything book

Have to laugh at a book entitled "How to Avoid Everything: Irresponsibility Made Easy"

now its barely a hum...

Life with depression and anxiety is never easy but you can't give up either. I've seen both choices happen and it's changed my perspective on life and how I treat others and act.

I'm bad oh god I'm so bad everyone hates me I hate me tgerws something wrong with me I'm so toxic nothing is forgiven

hahaha this sounds like one of those surprisingly frequent and silent panic attacks I give myself.

she should realize this. They have both gained weight and both look haggard. It isn't about her - every one of his relationships has had the same issues.