When he calls you beautiful... <3 Things About Boyfriends

I had forgotten what this was like, and it was justba genuine compliment from a guy I've become good friends with :)

(: love doing dis

Things About Boyfriends - beautiful long hair down to His shoulders!

Yup every single time.. Even if it only say ok.. I still smile.  In love ? Yeaaaahh :)

I literally smile every time

Aaaaaah idk what it is about boys all dressed up, but they are really super amazingly gorgeous when they are. I wish they dressed up all the time cuz I just melt and die when I see cute boys dressed up....it's so nice! :)

Things About Boyfriends- suit and tie after hockey!

That's one of the things I miss most.  Just talking.  I think I could even handle the two years apart if I could talk on the phone with him every day or so.  Course, it would probably hurt more because I still couldn't have him, but... I still wish I could just talk to him.

Things about boyfriends.

Things About Boyfriends

Today I wake up with this text Hey apple of my eyes thats cute to say :-)

I miss him -AW ♥️

Goodbye *kiss* goodbye *kiss more* goodbye *kiss even morr* repeat like five times

Things About Boyfriends

Things Boyfriends do

♡ H I M ♡ he pulls you close to him

Things About Boyfriends

He gets so mad but it's a really nice feeling that someone actually is actually protective about you❤

How protective he gets when other guys are hitting on you. Things About Boyfriends ~things about not having a boyfriend

he does.....

when my boyfriend tickles me I will tell him where

Things About Boyfriends

Things About Boyfriends

Things About Boyfriends: Protective

I love that he can pick me up so easily. Makes me feel tiny.

My tall boyfriend + this shit equal happy small moments :)

Falling asleep while cuddled up next to him... <3 Things about Boyfriends

Falling asleep while cuddled up next to him love it ❤️Things About Boyfriends

Ok. This is so true.  Because he drives me bonkers.......but without him I can't function.

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Ya and I have to change schools next year?!?!?!?!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's exactly what you were looking for. Things About Boyfriends