PASSO A PASSO MOLDE DE CASACO Corte um retângulo de tecido com a altura e largura que pretende para as costas e frentes. Dobre ao meio o retângulo ourela c

Casaco feminino de verão com molde e passo a passo

de remera a chaleco de modal sin mangas

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. DIY Clothing & Tutorials 25 Wonderful Ideas to Refashion Your Shirts -Read More -

chaleco de una camiseta

Recycle A T-Shirt Into A Vest + Scarf + Shawl A good ol’ t-shirt can be upcycled into something way more elegant……… This Link above (not the picture which goes no where) but this link will take you to the tutorial.

Learn how to alter jeans and other denim pieces on

Sewing tips and hacks are in place to make those who sew as a living/career or as a pastime easier. Below are 10 crucial sewing hacks that can be used to improve a person’s skills, maintain things more organized or speed up this process.

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No botes a la basura tus blusas viejas, aprende a renovarlas paso a paso

waterfall top without rounded bottoms and inset sleeves.

Pinned as an inspiration piece. Crochet 3 squares and seam at shoulders and sides for this pretty drapey front cover up. Wonder if it could be crocheted light enough to drape soft and flowy like this?