mosaic with polymer clay

Pinner says: mosaic with polymer clay- I’d like to try this as a pixel art project

Kael Mijoy tip. Use plastic canvas to mark cutting lines for mosaic squares.  Prep clay, impress, cut and bake on tile to avoid distortion

Anxious to try this technique using skinner blends and portrait mosaic techniques. Using plastic canvas for mosaics. Kael Mijoy: Cured-On-Raw Mosaic Tutorial

how to use the ripple blade ~ Polymer Clay Tutorials

After playing with the ripple technique I discovered a cool way to maintain that texture (like a ripple potato chip) in our finished des.

Polymer clay that looks like lampwork -- tutorial by artist 'Eugena Topina - Eugena's Creations' $10

More from artist 'Eugena Topina - Eugena's Creations' - I would like to create jewellery with these beads via 'polymerclaytutorials'★♥★

Patina your polymer clay with salt before baking.  Then rinse.

Patina your polymer clay with salt before baking. Then rinse. Free photo tuts with bilingual Russian/English instructions. | Striped Structure Pendant | Polymer clay jewellery - pendant

Eva Haskova, from the Czech Republic, has applied what looks to be the edges of stacks into a contemporary design for a simple but eye-catching pendant. She uses just a little repetition of line and color and a simple single accent.