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Pretty much my life.. -The Fault In Our Stars | Humor

Teenager post: Fault in our Stars parody - "the thing about food is that it demands to be eaten" - the fault in our diets


Not completely true. "Smarties" is a candy name but I guess that might be the same thing as a nerd.

HAHAHA this is the most accurate pin I have ever read.


Story of my life.with food involved.thanks a lot food!

YESSSS haha!


TEENAGER POST ( not me but me at the same time , I don't have face book but I can think of things were I would do this )

Childhood dream<<< who says it just has to be a childhood dream? Haha lol!

I've always wanted to say "My name's ______ from ______ and you're watching Disney Channel!

Bahaha...except I would've said, "my adorable what?"

Cautionary tale for grammar police

This describes me so perfectly it's ridiculous.

My skills

Apart from the falling in love with people bit, i think the 5 times the serving size is the most true thing for me.

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Teenager Post - Home alone? Did you mean time to practice for my Broadway debut?


EVERY MORNING! The worst was when he opened our window and let in the freezing air! I'd hear him coming down the hall and pull the covers over my head!


Teenager Post IMAGINE: you're home alone and you sneeze. Suddenly the phone rings and when you answer.someone whispers "Bless you" and hangs up.

Teenager Posts. Fictional chracters are my friends. (And I probably need counseling for that)

I have literately 3 real friends and have never had more. Book friends though, thousands.

Photo - TEENAGER POST: At least theres not that awkward moment when your hanging with someone that has like the opposite taste of you music >.

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Teenager Post - I've lived through and I'm cool. I am.

LMAO "Nope I'm Good."

Harry Potter fans: "I wanna go to Hogwarts." Narnia fans: "I wanna go to Narnia." Hunger games fans: "Nope I'm good." FROM: harry-potter-hunger-games-funny-quotes.

I get awkward when someone complements me and I don’t know what to say.  Them:  You look pretty today.  Me:  Happy Birthday

Funny Quotes about Awkward Moments. this is so me


Exactly the truth. Even for those out of the teen years!