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Sehun rockin the black hair and outfit and lookin sexay af

Goddamn Sehun. He's too hot for words and he knows it!

Read Chapter 2 from the story You Can Call Us Monster {EXO} by (光と闇) with reads. Chanyeol was the first one of the boys.


Here is EXO’s digital photobook for Monster! The boys all look very handsome and disturbed (we love it). The credit for these scans goes to Enjoy!

<< Porque los Playboy también se pueden enamorar >> #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

Sorry, Love - O.SH/B.BH

i dont get it. this is a picture of sexy sehun but when you look at it really carefully sometimes it can look cute.

i've been feeling Soft™ for sehun lately so lets make a sehun board so i can feel worse woohoo

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Exo 세 훈Sehun Lotte Duty Free family concert 151025

EXO'luXion 150912 : Sehun

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This photo? 100000/10 put it on my gravestone.

mds ja imaginou se eu fosse a fotografa dele, mds eu ja teria morrido