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Works both ways!

If the Supreme Court of the United States believes that businesses can ban the use of birth control, then ban Viagra penis pumps.

Birth control vs. gun control

Amy Schumer calls for tighter gun control after Trainwreck shootings

According to the GOP, it's ok for your boss to know what birth control you use, but really invasive to run a background check on a gun buyer.

Michigan has some legislators who really need therapy.  He can't say the word and freaks out if a woman does?  I have to wonder what HE calls it.

Yeah, VAGINA is such an awful, awful thing. Maybe he should take to sticking his penis in watermelons, instead, if he finds vaginas so terribly offensive.

Gay mariage

Okay, I'm a Cristian, and it's most definitely not my place to tell anyone they can't get married. That's ridiculous. I don't have to agree with it, but I'm not gonna tell you you can't do it. Not my decision.

If you legitimately think there's a difference. Punch yourself in the throat. Then go on the internet and educate yourself.

☁️Phan Smut☁️<<darling I do not understand how Dan and Phil hardcore fan fiction relates to this feminist post.

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Like that's the joke?. That Black people steal shit? Like white people...we STOLE black people... -Amy

Like that's the joke? That Black people steal shit? Like white people.we STOLE black people.