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Love – Narcissist Style

Writing Prompt - Use the lyrics of your favorite song as the basis for a short story. #writing #prompt

Use lyrics of your favorite song to write a letter to your parent/child. A good get to know you activitiy The Sarcastic Muse Writing Prompts: Photo

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Clay talking about Logan, Damion, and Berkley; Bridget and Matthias; Colin and Elliot... OR JON TALKING ABOUT MILLIE AND MARK

The Sarcastic Muse Writing Prompts I've written this theme in and that was really exciting. My characters did a great thing on sibling rivalry.

"You stole me from my family. I don't owe you anything," I muttered. She laughed. "Oh darling," she said, "you owe me everything."

What I first thought: he sees/saw to the future. Her family would have killed her, burned the house with her locked inside, because she's going tp turn into something evil.

Cuie slightly glared tears in his eyes, as he turned his back to his wife chains around his wrists he places his knees onto the floor an closes his eyes "Braily," He says softly "I would have never known you to take the life from this kingdom. To bad, you'll never know the truth." He chuckled slightly opening his eyes looking toward her one last time as they shoved him into the guillotine and let the rope drop Caspian smiling with in the crowd watching his head fall within the basket…

Dialogue Prompt: "I trusted you." "Well then you can't exactly blame me, can you? It was your mistake.