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La foto de surf de safyrey

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Surfing. Shoot the tunnel. Pretty cool stuff.

RePost: This is from Jack O'Neill's surf company (real life man, real life company) - strikes me how the cool thing is, the pic of this wave being surfed in the sun looks like a Stargate Event Horizon!

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surf-surfer: “ Koa Smith, Teahupo’o Photo: Henrique Pinguim ”

"I have only had this perspective maybe 5-6 times in my whole life....and it is amazing." Amazing photo

I would love to have this perspective within my life time.this would be so amazing.


surfing-the-salt-life: Surfers at Belhaven Bay, near Dunbar, Scotland.Photo Credit: X

Dolphins "surfing" in San Diego

Funny pictures about A dolphin wave. Oh, and cool pics about A dolphin wave. Also, A dolphin wave photos.


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