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bleedman: powerpuff girls doujinshi recap 1

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These are mine version of the Powerpunk Girls counterparts! They are the Rightroyal Boys! Their names: Bright (Blue) Baron ( Red) Breeze ( Green)

Finally the last drawing of the trilogy, the red couple! Well XD this isn't exactly my haloween drawing . I did Blossom wearing her pilot uniform in reference to haloween XD (I probably w.

Tied up by MisterZei -_-' I'm adding this cause it leads to an amazing artist not like I like the comic or anything

*cries* Continuation of: (Oh, there's a slight Fanfic there, See the Featured Comment!) Blossom & Brick (c) CMcC Art (c) MisterZei

Resultado de imagem para meninas super poderosas fanart

:d akazutsumi momoko arm up bare shoulders black hat blonde hair blue eyes blue hair blue sky bow bright pupils closed mouth cloud dress drill hair earrings expressionless goutokuji miyako gradient hair green eyes hair bow hat holding holding um

poof...! hahaha! Brick is so popular and Blossom is truely on fire!!!

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X flavored kisses by lilithkiss00 on DeviantArt

X flavored kisses by on DeviantArt Bubbles. Buttercup, Blossom, Brick, Butch, and Boomer