Hadrian's Wall : Cuddy's Crag  HADRIAN'S WALL, Northumberland. Cuddy's Crags, near turret 37A. The morning sun breaks through to illuminate the lichens and grass around the crag.

yellow snow glasses isolated [ 5 World compressed into to North line, everyone looking at western sunset in front. UN bows like the shape of the globe in the middle. Higher wall on North. State of PA represents borders of the world, meeting place.

Hadrian's Wall Walk, here you can walk along a length of the actual Wall, passing through the wood and when you come to the end you are at…

Hadrian's Wall Walk 1 Circular-Once Brewed - Peel Bothy - Housesteads Fort-Crindledykes-Vindolanda Fort - Northumberland

Hadrian’s Wall, England

: : beautiful britain : : Hadrians Wall, Northumberland, England began being built in AD 122 and most of it still remains. it separated the English from the Scots