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"The lesson". Francesco Bergamini (1815 – 1883), Italian painter.

Bergamini, Francesco Student Playing Teacher in Classroom

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Victorians were avid readers. Just as we bury our faces in our mobile devices on the morning commute, so too did Victorians with the latest penny fiction. The increased literacy rate from schooling, cheaper production, and broader

"The Disobedient Pupil". Francesco Bergamini (1815 – 1883), Italian painter.

Francesco Bergamini (1815 – 1883, Italian)

Francesco Bergamini - The disobedient pupil - what to do when time moves slowly!

"Les écoliers facétieux", 1872. Theodore Bernhard de Heuvel (Flemish, 1817–1906)

Théodore Bernard de Heuvel — The Classroom, 1872

Gustav Igler

The artwork On the Eselbank. - Gustav Igler we deliver as art print on canvas, poster, plate or finest hand made paper.

Thophile Emmanuel Duverger

"Filling the Inkwells" - by Theophile-Emmanuel Duverger French)