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Paul Antoine de La Boulaye (1902 – 1961) – Pintor Francês_11

Oriental Beauty with Dutar & Tambourine -Paul de La Boulaye (French Artist)

Gypsy dancing and playing tamborine

The legendary Egyptian Belly dancer Tahiya Karioka with The young Fairuz .the most talented kid in the Egyptian cinema .In the father used to drag me to see those movies.

pittura grecia classica - Cerca con Google

Roman Painting Mummy portrait of a young man with sword belt, er Rubayat, ca AD 120 (Berlin, Neues Museum)

Ancient Egyptian furniture Wall Art Prints by Pomel

Illustrations of various painted seats and armchairs from the Tomb of the Kings at the east, Biban El Moluk, plate 89 from Vol II of ‘Descriptions of Egypt’, engraved by Pomel, 1822

Reina ptolemaica

The Temple of Kom Ombo is an unusual double temple built during the Ptolemaic dynasty in the Egyptian town of Kom Ombo.

Terminologies in Egyptian Architecture

Terminologies in Egyptian Architecture

Cloisonne name pendant of Tutankhamun The pendant forms a rebus for Tut's throne name Nebkheperure. It is made of gold set with inlays of colored glass and semiprecious stones in a cloisonne technique. Located in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt.

: Kom Ombo, Detail Woman; Patty Arnold photographer/website.

Photographs of the hieroglyphics and images in the great buildings of Egypt that tell the stories of the ancient world : Temple of Queen Hatsepshut, Edfu Temple of Horus