Arthur John Elsley - The new dress

Sir Arthur J. Elsley - The New Dress with Collie Fox Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier by Arthur J.

Arthur John Elsley (1860 – 1952, English) – 83 фотографии

"Before the Bath" by Arthur John Elsley November 1860 – 19 February

Mabel Rollins Harris (XX Century, American)

Mabel Rollins Harris (XX Century, American)

Girl With Collie Dog and Puppy -- Mabel Rollins Harris (XX Century, American)

Lassie Come-Home -- Rosemary Wells, illustrated by Susan Jeffers -- Eric Knight’s heartfelt tale of the noble collie Lassie, first published in 1938, received a worthy new incarnation as a picture book in this splendid collaboration.

I Love anything Lassie, an Albert Payson Terhune fan forever, and have had Collies since I was they are the greatest. This Susan Jeffers illustrated version of Eric Knight's original Lassie Come-Home is wonderful!

June Lockhart with Lassie

June Lockhart with Lassie c. 1959 -- She started in the season (fall of of Lassie playing Ruth Martin, Timmy's adoptive mom, taking over for Cloris Leachman who had the role just previous to her.