Model in Dior's India-inspired dress called "Soirée de Lahore", Autumn/Winter Collection Y-Line // Love those "Starry Night"-esque swirls of stitching around the sequins.

Dior evening dress, Fall 1951

I love these vintage dresses..wish we would see them classy!

Evening Dress Christian Dior, 1951 Medium-Ivory silk satin with polychrome ribbon, silk floss embroidery, and rhinestones France The Museum at FIT

Christian Dior 1953

Christian Dior 1953

Miss Zeit

DIOR bright red hot pink tulle petticoat skirts haute couture model photograph style the look!

Dior photo by Philippe Potter 1958

Christian Dior 1958 Bolero doubled by Mink, Photo Philippe Pottier, Bianchini Férier

Photographer Mark Shaw 1954/55

Dior Glamour - 1955 dress, Autumn-Winter 1954 Haute-Couture collection, H line Photo Mark Shaw