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Regency Corsets

Great link on Regency undergarments necessary for Period clothing. The Oregon Regency Society ~ Northwest Chapter: An Overview of Regency Stays / Corsets

1810s corset

Early Century Corded Stays, 'Revolution in Fashion', p. 103 One of my current projects is a pair of Corded Stays similar to.

Regency long stays by Redthreaded  http://www.redthreaded.com/

Regency Stays Regency Corset White Cotton Ready to Ship Historical Undergarment Underpinning Jane Austen Empire Napoleonic Style Corset by redthreaded on Etsy

Corset. Possibly French, worn in America, early 19th century. Cotton, linen, baleen - in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston costume collection. (Very interesting back and side lacing on this one. Front view also available.)

possibly French, worn in America, early century Mehetable Stoddard Sumner (Welles), American, Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Cotton corset ca. 1811, American - in the Metropolitan Museum of Art costume collections.

Corset Date: ca. 1811 Culture: American Medium: cotton Dimensions: Length at CB: 16 in. cm) Length at CF: 15 in. cm) Width at Bottom: 34 in. cm) Credit Line: Museum Accession Accession Number:

A morning outfit. c1818 white muslin trousseau gown. Early 1800s blue silk netted purse and ribbon. c1820 embroidered cream cotton shawl.

A morning outfit. Early blue silk netted purse and ribbon. [Note the lace on the sleeves, and the pintucks in the skirt.

Corset, dated 1820-30, American, Metropolitan Museum of Art collection: 1999.216.6.

Corset Date: Culture: American Medium: cotton Dimensions: [no dimensions available] Credit Line: Costume Institute Benefit Fund, 1999 Accession Number:

Красный цвет, пожалуй, самый многозначный. Он символизирует любовь, страсть, грех, огонь, революцию. Это цвет крови и самой жизни. Одежду красного цвета носили куртизанки и монархи. Его ассоциировали и с солнцем, и с дьяволом. Его презирали, им восхищались. В 18 веке он считался вульгарным и безвкусным. Приличным дамам не рекомендовалось носить однотонные красные платья.

omgthatdress: “ Dress 1802 National Gallery of Victoria ” adore! Im loving early this red…epic