Shoes 1770, Made of silk and leather

brocaded silk ladies shoes, circa the silk circa 1730 Kerry Taylor Auctions Archives

Pair of shoes

Pair of shoes

An 18th century pair of lady's silk shoes, c. 1740.

An century pair of lady's silk shoes Yellow/green in colour, with a woven design of foliage and fruit, designed for buckle fastening, in excellent condition for their age, circa

Regency Spangled Silk Shoes, circa 1793-98

English, silk satin with sequins and metallic passementerie and leather. 600 Years of Embroidery from the Permanent Collection: Los Angeles: Los Angeles County Museum of Art,

A pair of pink glace kid slippers with stylized pattern of black floral moverall (stenciled!); pointed toe; very low heel covered with pink leather; pink silk cord ties single pair of eyelet holes at front; narrow ribbon covers seam

Betsey Johnson, eat your heart out. -MH Shoes, England or Wales, Museum of Welsh Life


Europe - Pair of women's shoes - Silk satin figured, embroidered with metallic thread, metallic galloon, leather and silk lining, and leather sole ♡

FCBTC / Slippers: ca. 1720-1739, French, leather, silk.

Slippers, French, leather, silk Gift of Miss Agles Clarke 1938 Metropolitan Museum of Art,

Created in the shop of cordwainer Johnathan Hose & Son (Lombard Street, London, active 18th century), c. 1756. Of brocaded silk with linen lining, leather sole & a Louis heel, the shoes would have required a buckle as a fastener.

England - Pair of Woman's Shoes by Johnathan Hose & Son - Brocaded silk, leather, linen

Women's shoes, France. 1700 - 1750, Brown leather , relief embroidery with colorful silk and gold thread . High, strongly curved heel and toe cap-like beak .  (LM- 7464 ) Schweizerisches National Museum #Schweizerisches

Women's Shoes, France circa 1700 Via Schweizerisches National Museum.

Shoes 1770, Made of silk leather and kid

Pair of woman's shoes, Yellow silk satin, uppers edged in yellow corded silk ribbon, brown leather insole;