Snowy Owl

Two snowy owls at the falconry on the castle Greifenstein in Bad Blankenburg, Thuringia, Germany.

Snowy Owl by TheNatureDude on Flickr**

☀Snowy Owl by TheNatureDude | Snowy owl looking at me with open mouth | I really like this snowy owl portrait! She was looking kind of astonished at me! ;)

Snowy owl looking at me with open mouth - Snowy owl portrait - by Tambako the Jaguar on Flikr

Snowy Owl

misterowlhoots: “(via Snowy white owl @ everland.

A Malay eagle owl

The Barred Eagle-Owl (Bubo sumatranus), also called the Malay Eagle Owl

Barking Owl by Erik K Veland, via Flickr

It's Superb Owl Sunday

love snow owls

The Snowy Owl - The Snowy Owl is a large, diurnal white Owl that has a rounded head, yellow eyes and black bill. The feet are heavily feathered. A distinctive white Owl, their overall plumage is va.

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Snowy owl - male feathers grow lighter as the owl matures, and adult male snowy owls may be completely white.

Snowy Owl in a Pear Tree

Finished the year off photographing Snowy Owls on various perches. The weather: degrees with harsh winds and blowing snow.

photo card (Brown short eared owl) --- the look !! wisdom ? derision ? or just drowsy ?

photo card (Brown short eared owl) --- What a gentle face

Wake me up and then I go go that it why they named me owl owl -- Snowy Owl

Tawny Owl                                                                               by pickypix

⊙_⊙corujas - cloudyowl: “ Tawny Owl by pickypix ”



c... Burrowing Owl by K.J. Thurgood - Artist | Photographer | Sculptor ”

urrowing Owl by K.