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Grab you a Mexican shorty before its too late.

Had a neighbor who was an elementary school teacher arrested twice for it in Florida

Yet the feminist wimmin and media would still have you believing that domestic violence is exclusively a male problem.

I don't actually believe this, but it feels that way sometimes.

I don't actually believe this, but it feels that way sometimes.

I stand for respect and equality for men and women. No jokes about violence are ever funny especially when they are sexual.

But did the girl holding the poster make the joke in the second photo? Don't use two conflicting individual opinions as ammo for you to declare hypocrisy on an entire movement.

If people thinks feminism is about man-hating, they're wrong. It's equality between both genders.

What Would Receiving a Text Message from Your Dog Be Like? It Would Go Something Like This...

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You can count on a voice for men for making random Bullshit. I've never even fucking heard this piece of shit , but you wanna know what I heard? Mgtow saying they hate women and want to distance themselves but yet are obsessed with everything a women does. I love how men paint all women with the same brush yet complain when women do it.

Men are supposed to just take abuse from women with no problem, but when the tables turn women make a big deal out of it. It is a big deal to be abused, but men just have to take the abuse of women sitting down.

We are the ones in control of our actions. Everybody is. We can't play the blame game.

This what we need - more women and girls who can see through the rhetoric of wave feminism and recognize it for what it is: A HATE MOVEMENT

40% of domestic violence victims are men. They are mutilated, and murdered and rarely does the woman go to jail. Some equality that.

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You expect me to feel bad that you can't go into a gym and catcall women and comment on they're bodies? Shut up you fucking wanker

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