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We don’t care.

New Year's Eve COOL photo. Funny things do haven during New year evenings don't they?

Aunt Edwyna liked Coors and she liked unfiltered Camels. And pretty shoes. Anything else was just a distraction.

Your Pics Are Ready~ 16 Awkwardly Funny Family Photos - Team Jimmy Joe

some days are just like this.

Lola Medina demonstrates the effects of handling a pair of pistols at Centre Firearms, a manufacturer of fake weapons for use in show business, circa

Ophelia was quite alarmed when Bart gave her a goose pinch. Sally saw they whole thing and was quite amused.

Aunt Edna was really surprised to find out that was NOT a gun in Cousin Louie's pocket. The rest of the gals were quite amused.

just because i was a difficult child...my parents forced me to take care of grandma. Miss Cranky Pants is killing my social life...

Gloria couldn't remember when she'd last had such a good time, her heart soared like an eagle.

40 Black & White Photos That Cannot Be Explained

40 Black & White Photos That Cannot Be Explained

Is it just me, or does she look like Gollum? 40 Black & White Photos That Cannot Be Explained

Aunt Ruth with Mimi and Samy

Lady and poodles snapshot.it is Aunt Jewel, with her poodles. Aunt Jewel does love her poodles. I think it might be because she doesn't have a boyfriend.