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Who remembers the days of saving information on floppy disks.

25 Awesome Experiences Today's Kids Will Never Understand

I found my box of floppy disks like 6 years ago, bought an external floppy drive, and found out that all my disks needed to be defragmented… talk about a FML moment!

E.G. Smiths Famous 1980s Slouch Socks

Slouch Socks - Yep we all thought we were so cool! And even cooler if you stacked your slouch socks in different colors!

Adding Machine

Adding machine (calculator) - learned to operate this in my office machines class in high school.

Welch’s Jelly Glasses- my mom still has one... I now use it for wine...

In 1998 Welch's produced six different collectable glass jelly jars/drinking glasses picturing.

I can still taste this!  Such strong flavor.  I would eat the whole snack pack in one sitting.  Soooo good!

Hunt's Snack Pack Canned Pudding. I remember my mom packing this in my school lunches.

teachers used to have to pull maps down from the chalkboard

I love maps and always have! I'd have a roomful of maps on the walls if I had the room for it! Old school maps the teacher pulled down in front of the blackboard

Remember when كان تسمى "طسيسه" ويتم تعبئتها بسائل قاتل الحشرات ويسمى بالـ "فليت" ويباع في محطات تعبئة الوقود البنزينخانه

This is what we used to spray around the back yard on summer nights to get rid of mosquitos.Also spray the house.

Guess Jeans! A must have in the 80's

Guess Jeans! A must have in the 80's

Fiber optic lamp - wanted one most of my youth. It was not to be.

Fantasia 4000 sunburst fiber optic lamp & box 1960-70s

Magic slate........great fun way back when.

great fun way back when. Write or draw on plastic sheet with wooden pencil; when done pull up both sheets and voila.all blank again