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Fox? Cats? Nope, they're Caracal kittens!

Fox? Cats? Nope, they're Caracal kittens!

Caracal Kittens Look, Pokémon babies! No, just kidding. These are kittens of the caracal cat, also known as the desert lynx.

So cute

Ashley Vincent shoots heart-melting photographs of baby lions and baby leopard cats. The cubs are so cute, you& want to take them home.

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Caracal / Desert Lynx (Caracal caracal) - Tiny little kitten by Andreas Jansrud

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To get this over with!

I love those blue tigers! Second fave is the white tigers. then the liger/tigon, then the golden tiger, then the snow white tiger!

Thish whas da facesh you made when I shaid 'Hwello!'!"

~ "The cutest Scottish Fold. Sometimes my cat sticks her tongue out & it's the cutest thing. Little brat :) " ~ Previous pinner

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"Keep quiet or else they'll hear you," demanded a Sphynx kitty cat to his nervous feline friend.

Bobcat kitten

In the 23 years Ive lived in Alaska Ive seen two Lynx in the Wild and this is the first time Ive been able to photograph one.

I can relate...

The ultimate FAT cat. But the question is how the cat fits or even gets on the thing. Looks like my late fat cat Kadie.

Such pretty eyes

It's no wonder why egyptians worshipped cats take one look at this beautiful Caracal and be mesmerised

Mama and her cub

Female white tiger, Tigrylia, carries one of her newborn cubs at the Skazka Zoo in Yalta, Ukraine.

Such a beautiful animal.

These 15 Animals Without Hair Are Barely Recognizable

Tiger seating with baby cub wild animal hd wallpapers hd wallpapers

The Manul Cat is a small, wild cat that lives in Siberia.

The Manul Cat is a small, wild cat that lives in Siberia.

Russian wild kitten (manul) - This is a Pallas kitten. They have round pupils.

Clouded Leopard. This species can be found in countries of the Himalayas, southern China, and Taiwan to peninsula Malaysia.

Facts About Baby Snow Leopard / Snow Leopard Cubs

Baby Clouded Leopard by Jaguarov has to be my favorite big cat just beautiful by karin deidre naude