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Funny pictures about Aurora over Norway. Oh, and cool pics about Aurora over Norway. Also, Aurora over Norway.

This is the main reason why it has always been a dream to go to Alaska. This is something that I must experience in my lifetime. <3 Aurora <3

Seeing the Aurora Borealis in Alaska is on my boomer bucket list.: Another pinner said, "Borealis - Alaska Really, really want to see this"

Aurora in Norway

A Memorable Aurora Over Norway (Dec 5 Image Credit & Copyright: Ole Christian Salomonsen It was one of the most memorable auroras of the season.

Incrível aurora boreal rosa sobre a Noruega

'Moonlight Aurora II' - photo by Mike Taylor; Taylor says, "The Moon was very bright and washed out a lot of the sky and the aurora but made for some nice lighting on the snow during the quick Northern Lights display in mid-February.

stars and stripes forever

Aurora Borealis & Milkyway, Iceland "What is this love that engulfs my soul with pure delight. while colors dance within my heart and whirl in the midnights skies." Donna Rayne www.

The Northern Lights dance behind Icelandic volcano Fimmvorduhals. (Photo by James Appleton.

A volcanic eruption on the Fimmvruhls mountain pass in Iceland is pictured with the Aurora Borealis in the sky behind. A British photographer has captured the rare and beautiful aurora borealis shining brightly over an erupting volcano.

Through a window in the clouds aurora Borealis over winter landscape of northern Canada. Yuichi Takasaka,

Through a window in the clouds the Aurora Borealis appear in an angelic form over winter landscape of northern Canada

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Aurora Borealis so beautiful & brilliant. An incredible photo capturing an Awesome Nature Reflection, too! The sky is incredible and so is the Reflection in the water!

aurore boréale

Aurora Australis - Southern Lights going to see northern lights this year, but want to see these