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I'm a pretty crazy person. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep. Sometimes I wish that gender doesn't exist so I could be treated equally to men, I'm bisexual, I laugh a lot, I hate racism, and I care to much. But I will NOT apologize for who I am.

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Illustrators and artists make online art inspired by the Orlando mass shooting.

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This is adorable!

This is the cutest thing I've seen all day. I'm Christian, and God may have created humans to be heterosexual, but he is fine with them being homosexual. There are actually multiple gay people in the bible.

Ninaâ™› Lmfao this is hilarious.

Someone from Millcreek, Utah, US posted a whisper, which reads "I'm gay because when I was 4 I sneezed and no one said "bless you" and the devil entered my body and made me the sassy bitch I am today.

"Here's something I don't understand : If I'm gay. Why do you care? I'm the one who's "getting sent to h***""

Someone from Edinburgh, Scotland, GB posted a whisper in the group Catholic, which reads "Here's something I don't understand : If I'm gay. I'm the one who's "getting sent to hell""