Wets It - Assiniboine - 1898

49 - Chief Wets-It, Assinaboine Photos - Native Americans (Rinehart) -

Native American mother and child. 1902. Source - New York Public Library.

Native Mother and Child 1902

Que-Que-Tas - Sanpoil - 1905

Que-Que-Tas - Sanpoil - 1905

Sunka Bloka 1900

He Dog (Sunka Bloka), Photo taken 1900 by John Andersson.


Cloud Man - Assiniboine - 1898 Assiniboine people, a Siouan Native American/First Nations people originally from the Northern Great Plains of the United States and Canada

Seneca woman Ah-Weh-Eyu (Pretty Flower), 1908. | The Seneca are a group of indigenous people native to North America. They were the nation located farthest to the west within the Six Nations or Iroquois League in New York before the American Revolution.

American girl (of Seneca ancestry) Beautiful. Ah-Weh-Eyu (Pretty Flower), Seneca Indian girl,

Three Fingers - Southern Cheyenne - 1898

An old photograph of the Native American known as Three Fingers - Southern Cheyenne 1898 [AA].

Simon First Shoot - Assiniboine - circa 1912

Simon First Shoot, a man of the Assiniboine Nation.

Indian mother and child, 1905, Oregon #photography #vintage #portrait

Indian mother and child. The photograph was taken in in Oregon. I find this a very tender picture of a mother's love =] Beautiful!

1348494890-1656841-foto-322.jpg (Изображение JPEG, 2916 × 3666 пикселов) - Масштабированное (20%)

Portrait of a Sioux Indian Shot in The Eye,

Unknown Crow Man. Native American

I love Aboriginal history , American and Canadian . To understand 2 different cultures helps understand today's problems.

Unidentified Sioux, possibly Bad Bear_ photographer Gertrude Käsebier

Unidentified Sioux, possibly Bad Bear_ photographer Gertrude Käsebier


Alleged photo of Crazy Horse of the Black Hills Oglala Sioux. However, because Crazy Horse never allowed a photo to be taken of him, the key word is alleged. Date: 1877 or earlier

Chief Boy - Blackfoot -.jpg

Chief-Boy - Blackfeet Indian - City of Vancouver Archives

Chief White Bull, Sitting Bull's cousin-1849. He is thought to be the one who killed General Custer

Chief White Bull of the Sioux Tribe was born in A cousin of Sitting Bull, he is thought to have killed General Custer.

Photo 1890s White Buffalo Native American Arapahoe Indian | eBay

Beautiful, poignant portrait captured by F. Rinehart of White Buffalo, Arapahoe, 1898