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Equai with child - Ojibwa – 1903
Another fine portrait of Curley, Custers Crow scout. It seems there are more photographs of Curley than Custer himself.
Joe Medicine Crow (b. 1913) as a young man; WW2 veteran and the only living Crow war chief according to the four traditional tasks to achieve this rank. Grandson of Medicine Crow, graduate of Linfield College with master's in anthropology from USC. Historian and author.  (See Ken Burns' documentary The War, episode 5 FUBAR)
Sac & Fox boys - 1898 https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/281251_10150717405990578_10150102703945578_19709817_3356097_n.jpg
"Shooting Star" was a Dakota Soiux. This image was created by photographer David Frances Barry in 1880s and was most likely taken on forts in the Dakota Territory.
Chief Red Cloud
Papoose/ Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, First Nations, Inuits Culture and History
Crow women wearing Elk-Tooth dresses; Victoria Big Shoulder is holding the baby. Photographed: 1890. - National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution.
Crow man late 1800's