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Hang a blown up balloon from a string. Dip lace doilies in wallpaper glue and wrap on a balloon. Once they're dry, pop the balloon and add a tea light candle. Paper or crochet doilies could be used
Doily bowls- so pretty, making these for sure
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Creativity and self design is never ending and ending in the ones you share your best self with...

super simple wedding party center piece

DIY topiary

8 Creative DIY Wedding Ideas You Will Love

How To Make Mediterranean-Style Lace Lamp  - #diy
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Gotta try this.   Gather string. Multicolored twine. Put the yarn into pre-mixed wallpaper glue. And work the glue into the yarn. Inflate a round balloon. Then rub it in with a thin layer of Vaseline.  Stand the balloon upright in a bowl. And start whirling strings around the top side. Of the balloon.  Start vertically. Work horizontally. And while winding it. Pretty tightly. Mix textures. Jumble.  Fuse. Join. And embroider it. For an unexpected effect. Before puncturing the balloon.
10 ausgesprochen kreative Bastelideen die dich inspirieren werden

10 ausgesprochen kreative Bastelideen, die dich inspirieren werden.