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"What are you looking at?"

" - Doodling after lunch, I just fet like drawing Starfire and Raven! It's ok if I post a few more Teen Titans drawings right?

The weekend by Picolo-kun

song for this one! September was a super tough month but I'm glad with how many things I got done! I drew this yesterday because I was in super high spirits. I'm joining inktober this year btw!

“Kori and Dick (starfire & robin) by Gabriel Picolo. ” please go and give him lots of love on ig so that he keeps drawing them bcs this is just perfection.


Headcanon that when Beastboy gets in the mood/advances towards raven, she absolutely MELTS in his smolder ;) Raven is weak to his handsome features and rippling muscles once they’re older.


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Awww!!! Awww!!! Awww!!! My hawt is going into overload... Beast Boy and Raven!!!

B: "It's okay, I won't let them hurt you anymore" R: "T-Thank you, Beast Boy" *sobs hugging him*・I love this