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Biggest difference between Peeta and Gale. And probably why Katniss chose Peeta. He knew and understood how much Katniss lost of herself in the Games, when Gale didn't and couldn't know or understand, even though he was her best friend.

Aw, Peeta.

*Peeniss not Everlark come on guys get with the program<<<<some of us like a beautiful ship name

The Hunger Games Igrzyska Śmierci Catching Fire W Pierścieniu Ognia Haymitch

Haymitch: “Basically, they won their Games by hidding until everyone else was dead. Self-medicating ever since.” The most underrated line in Catching Fire


As much as I hate Gale, I have to say this is kinda sad and that I feel bad for him

omg I can't even❥

And it's similar to Josh's worst scene to film which was the Jabberjay scene because Jennifer was crying for him and they were separated by a glass wall.