I feel like everyone says this exept dancers! Lol

this is so true like in gym everyone is like omg that girl is flexible can she do the splits then they come up to me and say.Can u do the splits for me

This is so me!!!!

Here is a collection of great dance quotes and sayings. Many of them are motivational and express gratitude for the wonderful gift of dance.

YES this was my problem for auditions for company and it was TERRIBLE!!!

YES, even the water proof ones! Haha they should make dancers test the band-aids to see how far they last!

"Now hold it":|

And then the teacher wanders around the class of correcting everyone before you, and you have to hold the position for ages! But then I fall

Thanks to Dance

Thanks to Dance.I know what true passion feels like

hahahahahahhaa dying!!!! @Brianna Wheeler @Kimberly Zehr Olayo

things dancers never say! only people that have NEVER experienced dance would say that

T-shirt idea: Brain of a dancer// almost all of these things are true for myself

T-shirt idea: Brain of a dancer// this is actually so true! Except I can do left splits!

Haha!! So true!! Everyone around me is always like "what the heck! You're like a rubber band!!" And I'm like "haha! ....yeah...."

I don't take dance lessons anymore, but I am still pretty flexible. I stretch in front of my friends and they are wondering how I can still do a scorpion and the splits even though I'm not taking dance lessons lol!

I don't care what you say...dance IS a sport...you try doing HALF the stuff we do...

It doesn't even phase my teacher when I fall anymore. I fell out of a switch leap and fell into the wall earlier this month.