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Just a great view of Mt. Hood and the Milky Way

The Milky Way galaxy as drifts beyond Mt. Hood as seen from the beautiful Lost Lake in Oregon [OC] -steveschwindt


The Venus-Earth pentagram: 8 Earth yrs are equal to 13 Venus yrs. They trace out this 5 fold symmetry pattern as they orbit the Sun -

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cinemagraphs mix #2 on Behance

sorry for the lack of posts. I¡¯m having this stage when I hate every single image that I make, like, everything! I¡¯m leaving for a week to my favorite city on Earth - st. When I¡¯m back I will be working and posting again.

Melting ice cream

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We are a couple who like drawings, illustration, animation and other -ations. These are a collection of interesting things that we find over there.