BREAKING: One Direction Randomly Drop New Single "Drag Me Down"

BREAKING: One Direction Randomly Drop New Single "Drag Me Down"

One Direction Drops New Song 'Drag Me Down'!: Photo The night just got so much better because One Direction has released a brand new song called

Day 12: A Song From A Band You Hate. Drag Me Down by One Direction, sorry, I don't like them at all and this song is bleh.

EXCLUSIVE One Direction shoot new video Drag Me Down at NASA

Early Release Drag me Down. They can't drag me down. But Zayn dragged them down,but they got right back up and continued life without him and them made it they best they could,and it was the best come back ever.

drag me down - Buscar con Google

Less than 24 hours ago, One Direction surprised fans with a brand-new single called "Drag Me Down." And on Friday night (July they surprised fans again by playing the song live for the first time at their concert in Indianapolis.

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Rock me   \m/

"One Direction - Rock Me" probably one of my favorite songs from One Direction oh wait! All of their songs are my favorite!

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Sry guys but this is not One Direction these are Louis,Liam,Niall and Harry because without Zayn there it isnt One Direction