The Witch's house

anyways /w\ fan art for a horror game called The Witch's House (魔女の家) the game is similar to ib but t. Ellen and Viola

/Majo no Ie/#1337740 - Zerochan | The Witch's House / 「魔女の家」/「AA」のイラスト [pixiv]

Majo no Ie (The Witch's House) Mobile Wallpaper - Zerochan Anime Image Board

/Majo no Ie/#1426020 - Zerochan | The Witch's House / 「魔女の家」/「HIDEO」のイラスト [pixiv]

The Witch's House-- Indie game with the most confusing ending ever.

The crooked man by on @DeviantArt

The crooked man by Bloodpus on DeviantArt (Sissi, D, and Fluffy help Paul find David)

I watched Cryaotic play this. At the end I was just like, "DA FUCK? YOU FUCKING DEVIL CHILD!!!!! YOU SHALL ROT IN HELL!!" I mean, holy plot twist.

I really wanna pay this game if u dont know it its about a child and a witch they body swap but at the end the father kills his own daghter because he thought it was the witch in the beggining they look like friends but their not ellen only think they are

/Ellen (Majo no Ie)/#1565644 - Zerochan | The Witch's House

/Ellen (Majo no Ie)/ - Zerochan The Witch's House

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the witch's house ellen barefoot bed book cat feet happy long hair pillow purple hair ribbon uruchimai (pixiv

"The white flowers are the most beautiful in the garden. When touched by rain, oddly, their petals glow. "

The Witch's house

/Viola (Majo no Ie)/#1340651 - Zerochan | The Witch's House / 「布と血肉」/「らくに」のイラスト…

the witch's house rpg horror game

「魔女の家」/「皆無」のイラスト [pixiv]

The Witch's house

/Viola (Majo no Ie)/#1346392 - Zerochan | The Witch's House / 「魔女の家」/「CC」のイラスト [pixiv]

"Teddy bear limbs, the insides are fleshy" (The Witch's House)

「魔女の家」/「Kamaniki」のイラスト [pixiv]

The Witch's House - it was a short horror game but good except the true ending >< terrible ending! I barely remember this one either!


SO watching PewDie playing Misao I got inspired to do this drawing. I love the whole Misao series but not as I love The Crooked Man.

Woah that's the first time I've seen this version, with The Crooked Man included

Misao, Mad Father, Witches House, Ib, the oni game thing.