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i'm not going to post them all, but they are almost all true!!!! and yeah, totally guilty!

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favorite Aries-isms: found at Zodiac City i'm not going to post them all, but they are almost all true! and yeah, totally guilty!

A broken hearted Aries is a seriously sad (or angry) person

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And I'll let you know what I think too!

The Best Zodiac Facts

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Aries - in spite of their cheerful appearance, they can be emotionally fragile. - They experience emotions so deeply, love and trust so completely they can be very vulnerable to being hurt.

heck ya i'm an aries.

The Best Zodiac Facts

An Aries will keep any pressure or insult deep down inside without showing emotion. An Aries will hide her fear, and instead of take flight, take in this fear and transform it into her shield, her strength.

Very true never done well at school because of this. I am much better now I am older.

Def have a short attention span✔️

Who are you looking at?

The Best Zodiac Facts

TheZodiacCity - Best Zodiac Facts Since

An Aries is so confident of themselves and their abilities that they are surprised when things don't always work out

I am a true Aries.

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thats why I love sleep.

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Aries Pet Peeve: Not being where you said you would be at a certain time.

This is probably why when my husband and I argue, it's usually big.  He thinks he is right. But I know I am.  :)

zodiacsociety: Smoothing things over with an Aries:

Aries appreciates kindness and takes right away to laid back, houghtful people

INFP + ARIES: VERY TRUE! Aries appreciates kindness and takes right away to laid back, houghtful people

Aries reaction to EVERYTHING that pisses them off!

Aries reaction to a computer crash especially at work

Well this explains a lot. Not a good habit but in the moment god is it satisfying.

Aries,, hey, if it was good enough for me, the same treatment should feel good for you too.

Aries: True! In the event that I do need you and you become a disappointment.. Well, my behavior will let you know what direction I'm headed,... or it will confuse the heck out of you.

Aries fear showing weakness and neediness

I know this is true...

- Aries people have lack of persistence. They can sometimes lose interest if they don't see rapid results.