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The perks of eternal youth.

I'm whenever I go to a restaurant I'm always asked if I want a kids menu, of course I say no, I mean I'm still gonna order a quesadilla, but from the adults menu like a boss.Don't go ruining my vibe.

7 Truths About Being the Only Child - CollegeHumor Post

7 Truths About Being the Only Child

So true. Wtf why would being an only child mean that I'm spoiled, lonely, annoying and socially awkward? I had hobbies, interest, friends and i was never spoiled.

Cassandra Calin

My jeans are so incredibly tight after washing them, and make me look squished, then they're baggy everywhere after like two or three days. And after a while, even washing them doesn't make a difference. Though I can't exactly keep buying jeans.