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+ Amethyst geode

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Late January & Early February Birthstone: Amethyst. Me me meeee!! & my favorite color of course!! <3 <3

Nature is very inspiring. If you have trouble picking a color scheme, look to nature. Every leaf, stone, and flower has a variety of colors if you look closely.

Colors minerals | Pink by Eva

I love crystals! I hang crystal ornaments on a mini tree in my office at Christmas, and have gorgeous pink, purple, white, and orange crystals on my desk. I even have a little pink crystal 'worry stone' I keep in my pocket when I travel. Its fun to rub

Amethyst Druzy with Agate

Colorful Gemstones Gaston: Fluorite - crystal with energy that supports reduc.

By slicing rocks very thin and using special filters, geologists can turn a drab-looking rock sample into a slice of color. These photographs zoom in on tiny sections of rock just a few millimeters across. The images can tell geologists about the formation and composition of a rock, or, as Italian geoscientist Bernardo Cesare discovered, they can provide a palette for artistic beauty.

Gallery: Hidden Rainbows in Ordinary Rocks

Microscopic view of garnet peridotite. Amazing colors and patterns - looks like stained glass but abstract - I'd like to use this is in a rug! From Alpe Arami, Switzerland.