This is just great. I want this on my body.

Harry Potter tattoo- dude megan, looks like your end of the world picture!

harry potter quidditch tattoo

Though I have a tattoo of Zero from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', I just don't know if I could ever get a Harry Potter tattoo - and believe that I

Harry Potter

Love the quote, dunno if I'd ever want one that big and side quote tattoos are slowly becoming mainstream.

Harry Potter Tattoos

How cute would this be as a couple's tattoo - one partner has the first line, and the other has the second.

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My friend’s HP tattoo she got for Christmas!   Done by Craig@Lucky Rabbit Tattoo

You don't know how bad I want a Harry Potter tattoo. But I can't narrow down what I actually want, do I want a wand or lightening bolt? Do I want words spoken by Dumbledore? A giant portrait of Ron Weasley on my back?