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Watching Movies Together Can Improve Your Relationship, Says Study

And they are very different.

Is Your Perception Your Reality? Do you have all the facts about what is going on around you or are you just making judgments or assumptions?

Marianne Williamson ..* by billie

In order for the pains of the past to heal you cannot keep opening the wound. You need to move on a live in the present.



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They say "maybe someday" but you never know how long to wait around till its you getting hurt again all over

And its not so much that this is all I've ever wanted.some days.but I am ready for that stupid thing they call love.but it's probably is best to give it up and move on.if it's meant to be , he will find me- SS

In life there are some people you're going to have to let go of in order to find yourself.


I totally agree, a smug silent smile worked for me this week, and it feels great for a change.silence is powerful life quotes quotes quote life wise advice wisdom life lessons wise quotes

Note to self...

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