This is really detailed for a storyboard sketch. Some artists can really set the bar with his or her design.

Shamine Athena King - Storyboard homework for LASALLE College of the Arts sketch // composition // layout // movement

Tony Liberatore drew some stunning frames for the Marvel film! Storyboards Inc.

Fast action scenes are storyboarded with the same power and feel. Actor poses, background, direction, and shot changes are all accounted for.

Tangled storyboards "I don't want to pan this movie, but..." KB

This is a storyboard describing a scene in the film Tangled. Its simple drawing still convey a story. I chose it because even though there are no words describing the scene, the story is still clear.

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Some of the storyboard panels I created for Winx Club Season 6 (year

Seasons: Requiem -Full- by *nicholaskole on deviantART. Has and extremely Redwallian feel to it.

Seasons: Requiem -Full- by *nicholaskole on deviantART.-------------how to make your main character engaging, complex, and still endearing