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mike-hiscott:  I have a feeling Peridot’s first costume will only be slightly different than her current one.That or she’ll wear a pair of boxers over top of it covered in stars.

Steven Universe - CG Peridot by Crumbelievable on DeviantArt- i love how they gave her the star rather than the diamond

Peridot: Oooh, shiny!!! Just like Home world....

shining-latios: “Because lava lamps are only one of my favorite things ever and I’m sure Peridot would enjoy them too.

I am a Conversation

I am a Conversation

stevenuniverse ohH YES SHIP CONFIRMED ACTUALLY NOT Really but yeah

stevenuniverse I don't ship it- lapis is cool but needs help loosening up. Her personality would promote the dry, scientific side of Peridot, which isn't her best attribute *come on, Amedot*

troubled gem

is Radio, rediscovered - troubled gem () by dimensionwitch