textured vases

Interesting way of building slab pot. Wonder if it's done in strips, using the toilet paper mixed with slip process.

This vase is slab built porcelain and stamped with designs.

Porcelain vase

Magnetic Pottery Vases

Magnetic Pottery Bud Vases - Cool idea for pencil holder on the fridge - could be a coil pot

Art Nouveau Vase

A kedvencem a kiállításról :-) :-) :-) :-) Art Nouveau Vase with butterflies by Zsolnay. Museum of applied arts, Budapest

Cylinder Vases by Jennifer Falter. Wheel thrown porcelain vases with whimsical designs: patches, bamboo, doodle, branch and leaf, and roses. The surface of each vase is hand carved through a layer of black slip to create a contrasting and textural surface, using a technique known as sgraffito. Each piece is unique. Size and design may vary slightly from image shown. Signed on the bottom. Dishwasher safe.

Cylinder Vases by Jennifer Falter (Ceramic Vessel

Cylinder Vases: Jennifer Falter: Ceramic Vessel - Artful Home

Plateau d'olive - plateau de service

Olive tray - Serving tray Cheese tray Colorful Pottery by Creative with Clay Charan Sachar

art nouveau style vase in clay

Created in the loose, sinuous style of art nouveau, the intertwining vines and flowing shape of this vase are very reminiscent of the period. printer could make easy work of this.

Ceramic vase

FloraPALOOZA In Stock

This ceramic vase is simple and pretty. The tiny flowers are detailed and repetitive which doesn't make the vase look so lonely.

CONTAINERS / ARTIFACTS - Roberta Polfus - Carved porcelain urchin vessel glazed in green & brown

Carved porcelain urchin vessel, glazed in green & brown

CONTAINERS / ARTIFACTS - Roberta Polfus - Carved porcelain urchin vessel glazed in green & brown These pods could be used as some kind of rejuvenation area to heal people from even the most fatal of injuries like the loss of limbs.

Owl Sculpture Whimsical Ceramic ArtOwl Person by BlueFireStudio

Owl Sculpture, Whimsical Ceramic, Art...Owl Person Opening to Springtime, New Beginnings