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Photographer beautifully captures growth and decay through sheets of plexiglass filters - atelierdeveil.com

Photographer Beautifully Captures Growth and Decay Through Sheets of Plexiglass Filters - Feature Shoot

Artist Anne ten Donkelaar heals damaged butterflies by giving them new wings made of a variety of materials including gold, old maps, roots, threads and em

Healing Broken Butterflies

Design Boom anne ten donkelaar: broken butterflies (Weird and wonderful.

i love birds. dead or alive. #pollymorgan

ENTOMBED ART: Polly Morgan Escort Us Into the After-Life

Master Finch

what an amazing idea! Textile moths By Mister Finch (moths are the one thing I'm afraid of but these are stunning!

Flower Frenzy, 2012 (Valerie Hegarty) #art

bhsutton: “ Another stunner from Valerie Hegarty’s new show at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, Figure, Flowers, Fruit (through October “Flower Frenzy” ”

Sometimes my muscles fail me but if I’m quiet and sincere  The butterflies that sleep inside my lampshade will appear   - Poems by Princess Alyssabeth

Sometimes my muscles fail me but if I’m quiet and sincere. The butterflies that sleep inside my lampshade will appear (by Lissy Elle Laricchia)

<em>Iceland Poppy/Papaver nudicaule (H), New York</em>, 2006

Iceland Poppy/Papaver nudicaule, Irving Penn 2006 Continuation of his original series on poppies, 1969 (Commissioned by Vogue for their Christmas edition) “I can claim no special knowledge of.

Decaying Bass Leaf. Fragile. Looks like such intricate lace.

It shows the skeleton side to a decayed creature or plant in this case.

Photographer Krista Steinke spends her summers at Purgatory Road, a wooden region of rural New York that is divided by an infamous dirt-covered path. On one side of the road is a cavernous slope that is ominous, damp, and bug infested. On the opposite side lies a lush, peaceful forest. The intersection of this unusual landscape sets the tone for her series, also titled Purgatory Road. Here, she uses her camera to explore a metaphoric state of “in-between”.

Purgatory Road, an ongoing project from photographer and artist Krista Steinke.

This picture represents how after Gregor changed he no longer liked fresh food, but craved rotten food and mold. since as a bug his taste buds would change for rotten food instead of fresh foods.

To prevent our food from spoiling, our refrigerators are solely dependent on the reliability of our nation’s power grid. Sometimes unforeseen disasters will occur that can cause power outages, which in turn threaten our family’s health and safety.

Martin O'Neil | Cut Up...  Met zelfportretten? Eerst maken, daarna zo snijden?

Martin O'Neil Cut Up portraits; could communicate fade/loss; transformation of who you are into who you could be; have the pieces re-gather in an upside down version, maybe a photo of the person younger then who they are now