Built by Alberto Campo Baeza in Cádiz, Spain with date Images by Roland Halbe. To build a well-balanced house full of light and shade. We built very tall, 8 meter high, walls around a 33 x 18 mete.

House T by Takeshi Hamada 這種純白色的房子在大阪府的設計是由日本建築師濱田毅,看起來像簡單的塊豆腐

Plain white house in Osaka Prefecture, Japan, designed by Takeshi Hamada to look simple like a block of tofu.

La Isla House by Llosa Cortegana Architects

Image 20 of 20 from gallery of La Isla House / Llosa Cortegana Architects. Courtesy of Llosa Cortegana Arquitectos

Eduardo Souto De Moura — House in Ponte de Lima — Image 15 of 35 — Europaconcorsi

The elegantly designed House in Ponte de Lima is work of world known architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.

Eduardo Souto de Moura / Dos viviendas en Ponte de Lima

“The two contrasting approaches to building on high-constraint terrain – here a steep slope. As parallelepiped volumes, the two buildings are similar. Yet they are diametrically opposed. One house cantilevers out over the slope, standing out in stark.

Living Room Designed by Brazilian Architect Isay Weinfeld…

5 Fabulous Ideas For Landscaping With Rocks

Making the outdoor greenery feel inside, . Living Room Designed by Brazilian Architect Isay Weinfeld for a Home in Sao Paulo

casa a Ponte de Lima 3 —   Eduardo Souto de Moura

House in Ponte de Lima 3 a recent residential project by the great Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura is more than the simplicity of its form suggests: