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This man ruined mine and rap monsters relationship! He became my new bias. I still love rap monster but suga has replaced him

Coincidência ou n vai na ordem.. 92 93 94 95 97 .. Falta só o 96

I'm really Jealous to jungkook tho. I born same year like him too but I'm lazy ass fuck the fuck (omg same I'm so jealous of him)

Resultado de imagen para bangtan boys

BTS / Jungkook / Wings / Wallpaper P. S: I disappear for awhile but i'm back with new wallpapers/lockscreens , not all are mine.

Free to join! We are ARMYs dedicated to our 7 Bulletproof Boys. BANGTAN FIGHTING~!!!

Okay, I know lenses make them have gorgeous eyes but I like their real ones too. bring them back please. ㅠㅠ with or without lenses they are all still beautiful

WINGS era logo design. It must've taken a lot of effort and planning just making these 3 logos alone.  to all parties involved


When I recognised this.i LEGIT thought that this was the smartest thing ever!