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People meant to be in your life. Gravitate towards you no matter how far they wander

I do this...probably not the best. But id rather hurt me than anyone else

There were things I wanted to tell him. but I knew they would hurt him so I buried them

Start asking yourself: “Will this hurt someone I care about in any way?” The bottom line is that you can’t keep hurting someone over and over and expect them to love and respect you. -- read: http://www.marcandangel.com/2015/03/05/4-toxic-behaviors-that-tear-couples-apart/

Simple as that. Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie.

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Forget it enough to get over it, remember it enough so it doesn't happen again - Life lesson quote, words to live by, great saying

'Nuff said!

Don't let idiots ruin your day. Acknowledging that they're idiots so that you can pity them & move on shaking your head.

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Heartbreaking Quotes, Heartbroken Quotes, Sad Love Quotes ❤ I believe some people we never get over haha


Not the reason I fell in love. I felt a real connection with her and I will always understand her and what she is going through. Even though we are no longer together she is still my best friend and I will never let anything change that:)

Ann Landers

Every woman should have a touch of class. I can meet life and kick its butt! I nail it every time!

I forgive people for me. I forgive and move in. Now, just because you forgive, doesn't mean u have to be dumb enough and put yourself in the same position like a fool.

hate being lied to quotes | hate being lied to. It's one of the worst things. Once you lie to me ...

I hate being lied to. It's one of the worst things! Once you lie to me, I question everything you say! I don't give Chances to Liars or Cheaters!

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Right now talking is one sided. Like the little prince said, "both must have need of each other." A simple talk can save millions of relationships in this world. Only if both sides will be open to make things right.

Scorpio--Everyone sees who I appear to be, but only a fe know the real me. You can only see what I choose to show, theres so much behind this smile you don't know.