humming bird stained glass

Creative Glass Guild of Etsy

Virtual guilds are popping up all over the place. Take for example, the Etsy Street Teams and Guilds. This piece is from Sierra Creations of the Creative Glass Guild of Etsy and is part of their …

Stained glass suncatcher, glass hanger of bird, Hummingbird, Tiffany, window hanger, window art with different colors I make all different types of these wired hangers, please contact me for your special choice of bird or branche This one is about 40 cm in height If you order a different color, or the color of the picture, glass may vary from the original shown, even when same colors are used. Each sheet of glass is unique, and that’s exactly how we love it, right?! I strive to make unique…

Tiffany Stained glass suncatcher, glass window decoration of a bird, sparrows window hanger, window suncatcher, window art birds

Nice Rainbow Stained Glass Sun catcher

I like this sun catcher but it would look better with a glass nugget in the middle. All of those solder points coming together doesn't look very nice.


Precut stained glass art male hummingbird kit mosaic inlay craft handcrafted

3-D Stained Glass Flowers by alejandra

Spring doesnt have to be here in order to have gorgeous dogwood flowers blooming! These beauties bloom year round. A pretty pink

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This project hard. Secondly the curves are extremely difficult. Thirdly the beams are open. I like this project because of its beauty and its realistic look.