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Northern Lights in Nyksund

Northern Lights in Nyksund

Aurora Lake Superior reflection pic credit & Shawn Malone

The northern and southern lights are a dazzling spectacle for skywatchers lucky enough to see them, but fascinating science is behind what causes these impressive light shows.

Nothern Lights

✮ Northern Lights Over A Snowy Road.I pinned this as I lay down in my warm socks knowing that I really do not like the snow! Sorry, while I know it is is COLD.

aura borealis over north Berwick. Wow so close to me!!

Aurora Borealis, North Berwick, Scotland, with The Bass Rock & Tantallon Castle

Dave Morrow shares his expert tips on photographing the Northern Lights, from planning to post-processing.

How to View & Photograph the Northern Lights then Edit Your Pictures in Lightroom / Photoshop – Dave Morrow Photography

Aurora borealis - Images |

Vibrant red and green aurora borealis above the birch tree forest in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Forest and Northern Lights

The 11 Most Awesome Pictures Of the Northern Lights

Thank you for always believing in me 🐙

Aurora Boreal (6)

Aurora Boreal (6)

Image result for tuktoyaktuk

Image result for tuktoyaktuk

Northern Lights in Nuuk, Greenland (Bring a tent, camping is free, cook your own food when you stay in hostels, bring a map & guide your own trip, rent a bike, talk to locals you can barter anything w/ a carton of cigarettes)

Nuuk, Greenland in northern lights.

Aurora Australis taken from a backyard porch in Glenorchy at 1am. (Supplied: Robert Todd)

Aurora Australis taken from a backyard porch in Glenorchy at (Supplied: Robert Todd)

Aurora Borealis over Alaska

The northern lights create spellbinding display above Alaskan sky

Aurora Borealis over Alaska

Fish Wheelin', aurora borealis photo from Alaska

Fish Wheel in the Sky Auroras boreales desde Tanana River, Alaska.

Over the Tanana River, Alaska. 2015

Over the Tanana River, Alaska.

Astro Guide: Phenomena, Myths and Fallacies | StarDate

Aurora Australis - Scott Station in Antarctica.

1998 Jan Curtis, film photography

The Aurora Page - Photographs by Jan Curtis - Page 9