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Admiral Richard E. Byrd: Benjamin Creme's Star, UNOOSA & Disclosure Pt. 2 | THE WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE
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Jack the dog & Jake Cutter
Nattino, “Women Advance with the Flag  of the Motherland.” la Unidad Popular (Popular Unity) Poster, Chile, 1970.
The North and South Poles are 'No Flight Zones,' so one must ask the question, 'Why?'. What it is that the government doesn't want us to see? Why are these zones forbidden? Why didn't we learn about these areas in school?
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Contemporary portrait of Prophet Zarathustra (Zoroaster, Zartosht)
Johann Adam Weishaupt (6 February 1748 – 18 November 1830) was a German philosopher and founder of the Order of Illuminati, a secret society...
Shackleton & Scott postage stamp  http://www.jamescairdsociety.com/pix/Shack%20Scott%20stamp%20med.jpg